Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Date Time!

Brian and I were super lucky to squeeze in another Sunday afternoon date a few weekends ago.  My parents kept the kids and it was my turn to plan the date.  We went to Winzerwald Winery tasting room and then to Central library.  We’d been to the original winery 6 or 7 years ago and wanted to go back.  They had a chocolate and wine pairing and it was free.  It was fun and because we were the only people there, we learned a lot!  We also bought a bottle of the strawberry wine to share on Valentine’s day.  After the winery, we went to Central library and checked out a few travel books.  We are hoping to travel more and wanted to create a list of places we want/hope to go.  We made a list of weekend trips, longer US trips, and international trips.  I look forward to traveling all around the US with Brian and the kids!

So it was our date, and I only have one picture to show for it…a picture of Lilah from when we got back to my parents’ house!


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