Monday, February 10, 2014

From Heartbreak to Humor

Whenever we leave Riley, the first few minutes in the car Brian and I always recap everything that was said at the appointments.  It can be really overwhelming and it’s always good to see if we heard the same things.

When we were leaving last week, Brian and I did the usual and then we hear Gavin say…

“I can hear mommy and daddy saying things about me”

I told him that we weren’t trying to hide anything from him and that we would always be honest with him about what was said.  I then reminded him what the doctor said about him not being able to play football or wrestling, but that we would find something else for him to do.  I could see he was fighting back the tears and I asked him what he thought about that.  He said…

“Very sad” (with a huge frown and a break my heart look)

Not even a minute later we said, “look buddy, there is where the Colt’s play.  Someday we will go there.”  Without skipping a beat he said…

“Do they like have food there?”

Brian and I cracked up!  Yes buddy, they have food there and we will be sure to get you some when we go!  In an instant, he went from heartbreak to humor…that’s our Gavin Dude!

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