Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun Fest

Last night, we went to Holy Spirit’s Fun Fest.  It is always a fun, cheap, family night.  I’ve taken the kids each year, but now that they go to Holy Spirit, it has added meaning!  Macie and Gavin each earned 3 Do Good Dollars meaning they were able to get 9 free tickets for games.  Macie, Gavin, and I went early and ate dinner.  We did the Luck of the Draw and then got in line for tickets.  Brian and Lilah joined us.  I was able to play games with the kids for a bit before I had to work in the concessions.  Brian took the kids home and Macie had a meltdown because she wanted to stay with me while I worked.  She said, “Other kids get to stay while their mom’s work.”  I had to remind her she was still in preschool! 

I was super pumped because I won Macie’s butterfly art her class made in the silent auction!



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