Saturday, February 8, 2014

Riley Trip ~ Vascular Lesion Clinic

On Monday, Gavin had an appointment with the Vascular Lesion Clinic.  We were worried about the weather and roads, but they ended up being fine.  Gavin was super in the car because the Vaughts had given him a bag of car goodies and a tray to borrow.  He reminded me to pack them 100 times!  We were doing so well with time, we surprised Gavin and stopped at Teppanyaki on the way. 

During the appointment, there were only 6 doctors, which is a lot less than usual!  This is our third time going to the Vascular Lesion Clinic and we felt like it was the most personal.  Gavin was a super patient and they commented on it several times.  They brought an ultrasound machine into the room and showed us the “BIG” vein that goes up the outside of his leg.  Dr. Marshalleck kept talking about how big the vein was and showed Gavin what it looked like on the screen.  He also mentioned several times how Gavin has “classic Klippel”.  To us, that was good news to hear.   We will still have a rough road ahead, but hope to avoid as many extra complications as possible.

Many things were discussed and we came up with a plan.  Gavin is going to have an MRI/MRV.  The MRV is a specialized MRI that uses computer software to look at the blood and veins.  The purpose of this is to determine if that big vein is crucial to his leg’s blood flow.  Based on the results, we will decide what/if any procedures can help Gavin and if a new compression style is warranted.  We were able to schedule it the day before his other two appointments over Spring Break, so it looks like we will be spending our time at Riley.  Gavin is just excited we get to stay in a hotel!  We are in the process of talking with two of his other docs to see if they want anything looked at during the MRI as well.


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