Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sleep Study

On Thursday night, Macie had a sleep study.  She has never been a good sleeper and is always an emotional mess.  She goes to sleep fine, but doesn’t stay asleep.  We are hoping a sleep study will give us some answers.  Thursday, Macie didn’t nap at school or eat much.  She was anxious, nervous, and excited.  We packed our bag and were on our way.  It was scheduled from 7:30pm to 7:30 am. 

When we got there, we waited to be called back and settled into our room before they hooked her up.  I turned on Disney Jr and she was fighting to stay awake.  It was already past her bedtime and she hadn’t napped.  I could tell she was nervous and fighting back tears at points.  Thankfully, our nurse/tech, whatever he was, was so good with her!  She sat in a chair while he hooked everything up.  It took 35 or 40 minutes.  She had a tough time at first and then did great.  Not a single tear or complaint! 

You can see all that she had on her below, plus a pulse ox and wires on her legs.  I was able to sleep in the bed with her.  She wanted me to rub her head to get her to sleep, but there was only a small spot on the top!  She fell asleep pretty easily and woke up several times.  She would freak out and try to rip everything off.  I had to calm her down and then she would go back to sleep.  She went to sleep a little after 9 and they woke us up at 5:15.

The last part of the sleep study was lab work.  I have to say my daughter is NOTHING like me in this area because she did so well.  It took a while and she was completely brave and once again not a tear or complaint.  I started feeling sick and had to walk away for a moment.  Total mom fail!  It got worse when they were asking me if I was OK.  I was so embarrassed!  Overall, I couldn’t have been prouder of Macie and was happy she picked me to be with her.  We are supposed to find out something in a few weeks!


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