Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Not!?!

Life is crazy…true Mitchell Madness around here!

Brian went out of town last week, I didn’t have daycare for Lilah, and Macie ended up with strep!  I took Monday off and was worried I was going to have to take Tuesday off.  Thankfully, Grammie and Pops came to the rescue and was able to spoil and pamper Macie for me. 

We worked super hard to schedule several appointments back to back over Spring Break and just got a letter in the mail that one of the appointments has to be moved to the following week.  Which means, more missed work, and more driving to Indy!

Lilah was running a temp this week and had a stuffy nose and was complaining about her ears.  I took her to Dr. Voyles to find out thankfully that it was just a bad cold.  As soon as I get home, I get a call from the office to find out that Macie’s sleep study was a complete waste of time.  They didn’t find anything “out of the ordinary” and just want us to monitor her at this time.  Seriously!!

When Gavin first started physical therapy, it was $20 each session because he’d met his out of pocket.  This year, our copay went up and that combined with being early in the year, we are paying $47 for each session.  Holy moly!

Brian is out of town again this week, tomorrow we are supposed to have bad storms, and all I can say is……why not!?!

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Kelly said...

I'm sorry everything is so crazy right now for you! I hope things settle down soon. Just one more month until spring break!! After that school is practically over;)