Friday, March 28, 2014

Riley Trip ~ Dr. Loder

On Monday, Gavin had an appointment with Dr. Loder.  Brian couldn’t get off work, so my mom came with us.  We had a pretty easy trip.  The drives went well. Gavin had x-rays and as always he was super good.  He got a car and he was pretty happy about that.  After the x-rays, he saw Dr. Loder.  We found out that his leg discrepancy is still the same as it was back in September.  That was really good news.  It is still at 1.4 centimeters.  Dr. Loder ordered an MRI scan of the spine.  Unless something showed up with that or Gavin has some changes, we won’t go back to see Dr. Loder until next year!

Well…I thought everything was going  a little too smoothly.  We did have one problem.  We were probably 40 minutes or so out of Indy and Gavin asked for Froggy.  My heart stopped.  I realized we left him there.  I quickly called Brian and had him call the x-ray area.  Thank God, they found Froggy and agreed to hold him for us until we came back on Wednesday.  Gavin was upset, but happy he was found. So was I!

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