Friday, March 28, 2014

Riley Trip ~ MRI

After countless phone calls, it was determined that we had to drive to Riley for the MRI Wednesday morning and we weren’t sure if they were even doing it or not due to the strep.  I’d taken the girls to Sturgis on Tuesday night.  We picked up my mom at 3:00am and were on our way.  The trip there went surprisingly fast and Gavin slept some.  Our first stop was to pick up Froggy.  Gavin was thrilled to be reunited with his long lost friend!  Next, we got checked in and waited to find out.  Thankfully, they agreed to do it!  Gavin was so brave.  He had the chance to have us go back with him until he was asleep.  He decided to go back on his own!  They were super impressed and said kids his age never do that.  I was so proud of him, but it was bittersweet for sure. 

The MRI was of the legs, spine, and they did some abdomen scans.  It was estimated to take 2.5 – 3 hours, but actually took close to 4 hours.  The time went pretty fast but I was so anxious about the waking up part.  Once he was done, they let us know, but it was still close to 30 minutes before we got to go back and be with him.  He was just waking up and super out of it.  Thankfully, his breathing was fine along with everything else.  He was thrilled to get some blue Gatorade and two blue cars.  He started getting a bit irritable and wanted all of the stuff off of him.  It was so funny because one minute he was wanting me to hold him, and the next he told me to move out of the way so the nurse could take his iv out.  We all started cracking up!

Once we were sent on our way, we headed to the hotel.  Gavin was starving and thirsty the rest of the day.  I had to pace him so he didn’t get sick.  Grammie sent some snacks and he was thrilled with his lunchbox of treats!  We stayed a Drury, so we didn’t leave the room except to eat.  Gavin was wobbly for a bit and I was worried about him.  It was nice to watch tv shows we don’t get to watch at home!  We were all in bed at a decent hour.


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