Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break Schedule

Last weekend, I had lunch with my good friend, Tina.  We talked a lot about our boys and how we can get the help we need for them.  She give me several resources and I am in the process of applying for everything.  It is time consuming, exhausting, and frustrating.  I’m hoping that it pays off.

Spring Break has been filled with appointments for Gavin.  On Monday, my mom and I are taking Gavin to see Dr. Loder.  He will do x-rays and then decide if his lift size needs to stay the same or change.

On Wednesday, Gavin has a MRI to look at his leg, GI trac, and spine.  We aren’t sure what time it is yet.  We are staying the night and then he has an appointment with Dr. Contreras. 

On Tuesday or Friday, I am trying to schedule appointments to meet with the lady about putting Gavin on the list for a Medicaid waiver (there is a 5 year wait!) and get him measured for his next compression sock.  The Medicaid waiver will help pay for equipment and provide training for future jobs, etc.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun and relaxing Spring Break?

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