Sunday, April 27, 2014

They have their moments…

…where they all play together peacefully.  Those are my favorite moments of the day…or week!


Macie’s First T-ball Game

Saturday, Macie had her first t-ball game.  She is playing on the St. Ben’s Dodgers’ team.  She looks so darn cute in her uniform!  She is #7.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Allie all came to cheer her on.  I was happy that she listened to the coaches and only spaced out a little bit.  She had probably never even watched a game before.  They got to hit twice.  Both times, she needed to hit it off of the tee.  She played in the outfield once and then first base.  Lilah stayed busy caring for Walker and Gavin had a blast with Jackson.

After the game, we asked Macie what her favorite part was.  She said drawing hearts in the dirt with her finger when the ball wasn’t coming to her!  Brian and I cracked up!!  We went to lunch at Bandanas for Aunt Allie’s birthday.  Then, our entire family took over a 2 hour nap.  Heaven!


Picnic Time Happy Meal Style

Friday, I treated the kids to Happy Meals.  They were super well behaved while I ran some errands.  They even got to eat it at the picnic table in our backyard.  Finally, the weather is nice enough to do that!  Hopefully, we will have many more meals out there!


Cupcake Set

The Easter Bunny brought the kids an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake set.  Of course, they wanted to make them right away.  They helped to bake and decorate them, but the best part was eating them!



When Macie stayed with my mom for the day, she picked flowers for me!