Sunday, April 20, 2014

Brian’s First Marathon

Friday, Brian took Gavin and Lilah to his parents’ house.  After school, I met Brian and Macie at home and we headed to Louisville.  We checked into the hotel, walked to the expo, and then found a place to eat dinner.  Macie LOVED the expo because she got a twirly straw, chap stick, candy, and fruit snacks.  Brian was able to try on some shoes he’s been wanting. 

Saturday was Brian’s race.  He was nervous and excited.  The good news is…he finished!  His time was 5:45:11.  He is officially a marathoner.  His time was not what he hoped because he started cramping early on.  He trained well, but trained in the dark and cold.  His race was in the daylight and sunny.  Macie and I were so proud of him.  The highlight for her was that she was able to run across the finish line with daddy!!  It was something I’m sure they both will never forget!

Macie and I kept ourselves entertained at the hotel eating breakfast, coloring, and watching tv.  When we checked out, we walked down the finish area and cheered on runners, ate snacks, and Macie drew on some paper.  I was an emotional mess.  Watching racers cross the finish line knowing how hard they’d worked.  There was also a group of parents pushing their wheelchair bound children for the half marathon.  It was amazing!

Brian is a little burnt and super sore, but…he is a marathoner!!



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