Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Evening

We thought about going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house after Allie’s but knew it wasn’t the best idea since Macie wasn’t feeling well.  We came home, let Macie sit in the tub, and got her to eat a popsicle.  She didn’t eat much more than that all day.  Then, all five of us took a much needed nap.

After nap, we had tomato soup and cheese quesadillas for dinner.  We were hoping to get Macie to eat it and all of the kids love it.  After dinner, we played the kids’ new games.  We finished the night watching a Veggie Tales Easter movie.  Not exactly what we’d planned, but it was a good Easter for us.  After all, praising God and being with family is what means the most!


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