Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Name and Shoe Tying

Macie couldn’t wait to go back to school after Spring Break because she was going to do two things: write her first and last name when checking in each morning and learn to tie her shoes.  Well, she knew how to write and spell her last name and did it so well, that she got to keep the sign in sheet for the day!  I was proud of her and it was pretty neatly written, too!

She was also convinced that they would learn how to tie her shoes that first day and she would learn it in one day.  Well, they didn’t get to it until Tuesday.  That night, she practiced on her board during Gavin’s therapy and all night at home.  She got it!  The next morning, she tied her shoes all by herself.  On Thursday, Grammie taught her to double knot!  It takes a bit, and they aren’t the tightest, but the girl is tying her own shoes.  I am SUPER proud of her!  Now…if we can just get her to put her shoes on the right feet!



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