Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life in a Special-Needs World

In the April issue of Parents magazine, there was a huge section about “Life in a Special-Needs World”.  It talked about the results of a survey that was done of parents who had children with special needs and who didn’t.  It talked about a variety of topics.  I could relate to a lot of it. 

There was a section titled, What moms of children with special needs wish other parents knew.  I agreed with what each quote said, but these two pretty much summed me up:

“I may look tough, but know that I’m as fragile as my child.  I just don’t have the option to show it.”

“Please don’t tell me to just relax.  There is always something to be done: doctor appointments, therapy appointments, insurance people to talk to, papers to be filled out, extra encouragement and praise and attention to be given.  It’s exhausting.”

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