Monday, April 14, 2014

Riley Trip ~ GI Scopes

On Monday, we were up at 1:00am to get on the road.  None of us slept well because Gavin had to go to the bathroom several times.  The drive there wasn’t too bad.  Grandma and Aunt Annie met us there.  We got a wagon and checked in.  In this area of the hospital, they have someone whose job is Child Life.  They bring toys, help decorate a mask, and make the separation from the parents easier.  Gavin does fine with all of that, but he enjoyed the extra perks.  He even got to play a game on the ipad as he walked back. The single best part was that Froggy got his own gown, mask, and blood pressure cuff to bring home!  After three procedures, it was about time!

Something different about this area was, once they took Gavin back, we stayed in the room the entire time.  Everyone else took turns going to eat, but I was too nervous to eat anything.  They did an upper and lower GI scope.  It took about an hour and a half.  Gavin did great and was a wonderful patient as always.  He got bubbles, Froggy’s goodies, Car puzzles he could color, and stickers to take home.  He woke up fine, but was hungry and tired.  He ate a popsicle and it wasn’t long before we were able to be on our way.

As far as the actual scope, most of it checked out fine, but they did find a vascular lesion right inside his rectum.  I actually felt relieved because I thought we had the answer to the rectal bleeding.  Dr. Contreras said that she would consult several doctors and get back with us in a week or so regarding treatment.  She did give us several pictures to take to our afternoon appointment with the vascular lesion clinic.  At this point, I was starving, thankful we made it through another procedure, and wondering what would come next.


Gavin and daddy had matching bracelets and he thought that was super cool!


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