Saturday, April 5, 2014

Voodoo Hex?

Ok…so I’m beginning to wonder if we have some sort of voodoo hex on us or something!  Wednesday morning, Macie was whining and saying her ear hurt.  She didn’t have fever, so we took her to school.  I told her I would call Dr. Voyles to get her checked out after school and gave her some tylenol to help with the pain.  I checked on her at lunch and she looked tired, but didn’t really feel warm and they said she hadn’t complained all morning.  I was happy, but very shortly got a phone call saying that she had a temp of 102 and it was still going up.  I arranged for coverage for my class and picked Macie and Gavin up.  They napped and then I took her to Dr. Voyles.  Thankfully, my dad kept Gavin and Lilah because this is where it got scary.

By the time we got to the office, her fever was 1o4.2!  Her eyes were bloodshot, and was crying and kind of weird.  The nurse was worried too and put cold rags on her head and neck.  She didn’t want Dr. V or anyone else to touch her and was kind of a mess.  Thankfully, it was just a bad ear infection in the left ear. They gave her medicine in the office to help with the fever.  Once that kicked in and the antibiotic, she started bouncing back.  Thankfully, Grammie and Pops kept her for us on Thursday so we could work.  I’m all out of days after Gavin’s stuff on Monday.

Yesterday, Lilah started throwing up at daycare.  I was able to leave a little after 2, but thankfully it was my plan period.  We had a lovely evening dealing with all of that.  I’m just praying no one else gets it!

Today I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.  Germs…get out!


Kelly said...

Oh man, your family has seriously been through the ringer this year:( I hope no one else gets sick!!

Kelly said...

* wringer :)