Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy 50+1, Aunt Jeri!

My Aunt Jeri is the 12th in line on my mom’s side.  She is the youngest girl.  She turned 50 last year, but we didn’t get to throw her a party because my grandma was so sick.  They decided to throw her a surprise party last Sunday.  She would have been surprised had my uncle not texted her a picture a few minutes before she got there.  Brian’s aunt was sick, so the kids and I went to the party.  They had a blast running around exploring with Uncle Gary and hanging out with family members.  Macie found a new friend in Ellen.  It was a great day to get filthy.  I had to scrub them and check for ticks when I got them home.  We did find one on Gavin, but not until the next day.


First Otter’s Game

Brian has been wanting to take the kids to an Otter’s game for a while now, but I’ve been holding off.  We were offered some free tickets for a game on May 24th and we took them!  The Whitely and Sills family joined us.  Despite the fact that it was packed, we had a great time.  The kids ate a popsicle and some chips, played with their friends, and played on the swing set.  They were pretty well behaved considering it was way past bedtime.  We will definitely be going back!




1st CSA Pickup ~ Strawberry Picking

Saturday, May 24th was our 1st pickup at our new CSA.  We joined Seton Harvest this year.  We went for the orientation and the kids were beyond excited to visit the farm.  There are two dogs there, but they are super laid back.  The kids were able to pick strawberries for the first time and that was an adventure.  They also got to feed the chickens and go in some of the greenhouses.  Brian and I are loving it and so happy we joined this year. 

During the orientation, they recommended that you take pictures of things so when you got home, you know what you have and can look it up to find out what to do with it.  Right now we are getting a lot of greens, but as time goes, we will get lots of different veggies each week. 


Goodbye Miss Julie

Friday, May 23rd was our last day at Miss Julie’s.  The kids have been going to Miss Julie’s for four years, so this was a hard day.  My mom will be keeping Lilah next year and I didn’t want to pay for daycare all summer.  Macie and Gavin were able to go on the last day.  They had a pajama party and ate pizza and cookies.  It was a great day.  We didn’t finish her gift in time, so we had to go back and visit the next week.  The kids painted a birdhouse for her.  It turned out super cute and she loved it!  We are thankful for Miss Julie and will miss her!


Preschool Graduation

May 21st was Preschool graduation.  Macie and Gavin had been practicing their songs for weeks.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy were all able to come to watch.  They sang some songs and Macie and Gavin knew each and every word.  They are quite the performers!  Gavin is officially a butterfly and Macie graduated!  She will be a kindergartner in the fall.  How is that possible?  She  had two wonderful years of preschool.  She loves school and has learned so much.  Next year, she will be right across the hall!
After the program, we went to a reception in the cafeteria and then the kids were able to spend the day with Grandma.
Above: Miss Nina (and Phoebe too)
Below: Mrs. Wassmer and Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Boatright