Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy 50+1, Aunt Jeri!

My Aunt Jeri is the 12th in line on my mom’s side.  She is the youngest girl.  She turned 50 last year, but we didn’t get to throw her a party because my grandma was so sick.  They decided to throw her a surprise party last Sunday.  She would have been surprised had my uncle not texted her a picture a few minutes before she got there.  Brian’s aunt was sick, so the kids and I went to the party.  They had a blast running around exploring with Uncle Gary and hanging out with family members.  Macie found a new friend in Ellen.  It was a great day to get filthy.  I had to scrub them and check for ticks when I got them home.  We did find one on Gavin, but not until the next day.


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