Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adventures in Canning

For Christmas, my parents got Brian and I a pressure cooker/canner.  We were so excited to start canning our own food!  Today was the first chance we had to devote most of the day to food prep.  We found some corn on the cob at Walmart for 12 cents each, so we bought 35 ears.  We ended up canning the equivalent of 16 pints.  They ended up being 26 cents a piece which is way cheaper than a can at the store! 

We also made a big pot of chicken and noodles.  Brian brought home a lot of chicken from the bar he worked at last night.  He took it off of the bone and we put some with the noodles.  We also put some in bbq for lunch and still have a bunch left.  He made stock out of the bones and even little crispy pieces from the skin.  Since we made the broth ourselves out of scraps, the chicken was free, and the bag of egg noodles were on sale for 50 cents, we were able to make 6 quarts for about 8 cents each!  Each quart will be a main part of our meal, so that is amazing!!

Besides canning, we cut up two pineapples I was given at the shower yesterday, made bread, zucchini bread, and potato soup.  It’s a lot of work on one day, but well worth it.  Every chance we can stock up, we do.  Many people throw out food or don’t want to mess with bulk or leftovers.  We never ask, but are always happy to take them and turn them into something.  This is just one of the many ways we save money!




Holly said...

Yeah bone broth! It is SO good for you! I bought of beef bones from my local beef farmer to make bone broth with. I cannot wait until I have a chance to do so.

The Mitchell Family said...

We always make broth from the bones of a chicken after we make it in the crockpot. We also make our own veggie broth. Saves money and I know exactly what is in it!