Monday, June 16, 2014

Gavin’s 4 Year Well Check

A few days after school was out, I took Gavin to see Dr. Voyles for his 4 year well check.  I forget the exact numbers, but Gavin’s weight is around 45 pounds (90th percentile) and height is around 41 inches (40th percentile).  Dr. V talked to us about his weight and starting to watch what he ate.  I honestly think Gavin is slimming down and am not too worried about it at this time.

The rest of the visit went well and he is right where he should be if you take out the KTS.  Gavin did get his Kindergarten shots already and he was a trooper! 

Aunt Allie bought the kids new sunglasses, so I took this picture while we were waiting and sent it to her.


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