Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ivy’s Shower

Today, Macie and I went to Ivy’s shower.  She is marrying my cousin, Cory, in August.  My Aunt Jamie threw an awesome luau luncheon.  I was able to help set up last night and run things today.  Macie even helped pass out leis to guests as they arrived.  Ivy was blessed with many great gifts.  Aunt Jamie had a lot of fun planned and Macie had a blast!  She was so excited to be going.  She came home with several prizes and table decorations.  The most precious part was watching her during the hoola hoop contest.  She was giving it her all and absolutely adorable.  Grandma took Macie home with her so I could help clean up.  I was so proud of Macie and how big she acted.  I wasn’t able to sit with her the whole time, so she sat with Aunt Wendy and Ellen.  She really enjoys talking to Ellen.  She handled it so well and would randomly come up to me just to tell me she loved me!  How sweet is that!  We can butt heads, but I love that little girl more than words can say!


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