Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nashville Zoo and Aquarium Restaurant

On Memorial Day, we went to Nashville for the day.  We spent most of the day at the zoo, but also went to the mall and ate dinner at the Aquarium restaurant.  We like going to different zoos.  Some highlights at this zoo were the lorikeet landing (where one did land on Brian), the kangaroo exhibit (because we were able to walk thru and saw one mama who had a baby in her pouch), the historical home with a farm, and the animal encounter area (where you could brush the calmest goats I’ve ever seen).  The bad part about the zoo was that there weren’t a ton of other animals and you couldn’t see or find many of them.  The best part was the Dino Trek and the massive jungle gym.  The Dino Trek was so cool and we were able to go through it twice. 

It was a muggy and hot day, so we headed to the mall to cool off.  The kids took a 45 minute nap in the car.  Inside we went to the Lego store, Disney store, and played in the play area for a while.  Our final stop was to eat at the Aquarium restaurant.  It is a bit pricey, but such a neat experience!  We were all wiped by the time we got home that night!


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Holly Higgins said...

We want to do a Nashville weekend sometime - glad that you enjoyed the zoo! Did you get a discount with your membership?