Monday, June 23, 2014

Riley Trip ~ Surgery Check Up

On Thursday, my mom watched the girls so we could take Gavin to Riley for a follow up from his surgery.  The ride there went well.  We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and made it in plenty of time.  The ride home was a different story.  We went a different way to avoid…haha…construction.  Thankfully, Gavin slept most of the way and then I fed him in the car.

As for the appointment, it was kind of creepy.  We were taken back to the surgery waiting area so we could catch Dr. Marshalleck.  We kept assuring Gavin he wasn’t having surgery that day.  Gavin kept himself busy taking pictures on my phone and looking in a hidden picture book.  Dr. M brought in an ultrasound machine.  We could see the vein and the coils.  In the areas right around the coils, there was little to no blood flow.  However, there were three main areas where there was still a lot of blood flow.  We will go back in September and he will do another ultrasound.  If we still see the same thing, then Gavin will have to have another procedure to close off that part.  Most likely, he will need the procedure.  I asked about the little bumps we had been seeing and he said they were clots where the vein was shutting down.

We also talked a lot about the compression sock.  Although we got conflicting information before, it looks like a compression is still a good thing for Gavin and something he will need for his entire life.  He may not always need to wear it every day, but if he is flying, in the car for a long time, or active (in sports, etc) he needs to wear it. 

Even though I predicted another procedure, I was hopeful that one would do the trick.  The September appointment will be big because he will meet with Dr. Contreras (to discuss next colonoscopy and for labs to check blood count), Dr. Haggstrom (to discuss need/use of compression and see progress, and Dr. Marshalleck (for another ultrasound and to discuss next procedure).


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