Monday, June 23, 2014

Scales Lake

For Christmas, Allie got all of us a weekend in a cabin.  This last weekend, we stayed for a weekend in Cabin #4 at Scales Lake.  We ate yummy food and had great company.  We explored the woods, went out on the dock, caught lightning bugs, and ate smores. We went to the petting zoo, visited family at another campsite, and swam in the lake.  The kids went on adventures with daddy and Aunt Allie to playgrounds, to get ice and wood, and looking for deer.  I had to make a run to the farm to pick up our veggies and Brian had to bartend on Saturday night, but it was a great weekend.  We were even harassed by a raccoon who stole Allie’s bug spray!  We were all wiped by the time we got home and the kids were filthy from head to toe!

My parents surprised us with some money from my Grandma Wolf for us to use in Florida.  We were all moved by that and know she will be with us when we go on our trip! 

Thanks Aunt Allie for a great weekend!!

There are so many pictures that I’m going to post them in several posts!!


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