Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ticks and Animal Tales

Tuesday morning, we were supposed to go to Animal Tales at the library.  As the kids were changing out of their pjs, I noticed Gavin had 3 ticks in his groin area.  All three kids started freaking out!  We got one out right away, but the other two were  a lot more difficult.  I tried a ton of different stuff and ended up calling my dad to help.  The craziest thing was that once my dad finally got here, one randomly fell out.  Then, as my dad was washing his hands, the other one fell out.  I was relieved but it was quite an event!

The kids were extra upset because we had to miss the animal program at the library.  Thankfully, there was another opportunity to go that afternoon.  We invited my mom to join us.  It was a cute program and the kids were so well behaved.  They even pet a rainbow boa snake at the end!


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Kelly said...

What library is that?