Thursday, July 24, 2014

4H Fair 2014

Tuesday night, we went to the 4H Fair with Aunt Allie.  Normally, it is $7 to get in per person, but it only cost us $7 for both of us.  The kids were free…score!  We looked at and pet the animals, the kids rode in the barrel train (free just asked for donations to cover the gas), and watched the four wheelers.  It was a hot night, but wasn’t too bad when we were walking around.  It was a lot hotter every time we stopped.  The kids and I got milkshakes and Brian got a tenderloin.  The kids were also excited to get free popcorn, balloon, and sticker.  The last thing we did was let Macie and Gavin climb on a huge piece of farm equipment.  The only animal we didn’t get to pet was the pigs because of the swine show.  Oh well…maybe next year!


These baby cows were born at the fair!


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