Saturday, July 19, 2014

Adventures in Canning ~ Take 2

We’ve been doing more canning.  I made two huge pots of veggie stock and canned 9 qts of it.  Then, Brian was able to pick u 20 pounds of peaches from an orchard just outside of Henderson.  We opted to get the “seconds” because they are half price.  So, for $12 we got all of those peaches!  We got two different kinds, White Lady and Red Haven, and we discovered we like the Red Haven best.  We canned 4 qts for pies and cobblers, made 2 pints of peach butter, made peach salsa, and dehydrated some.  We didn’t really care for the dehydrated ones, but everything else turned out great!  We even left out a couple to eat.  Our shelves are filling up!


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