Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Birthday To ME!

July 14th was my 32nd birthday.  The day before, we went to lunch with my parents and Allie.  I wanted to go to City Taco, but it wasn’t open on Sundays.  We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant on the north side.  I think it was El Patron.  It was really good.  Brian tried the burrito challenge and failed, but he had plenty to bring home!  My parents got me more canning stuff and Allie bought me some new sunglasses.  Both were needed and wanted gifts!

On my actual birthday, Brian made me breakfast in bed and the kids gave me a gift they picked out for me.  Lilah got me soap (bubble bath), Macie got me some cookies I like, and Gavin got me hair clips.  They were all thoughtful gifts.  The rest of my birthday wasn’t the best.  The kids were kind of a mess.  We did go to the library and had dinner at Teppanyaki.  I wanted to get my sushi fix before I started Weight Watchers the next day.



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Kelly said...

Happy belated birthday Abbie!!! I can't believe school is about to start again!! :( The summer flew by!! Enjoy the rest of your time off. I am so impressed with all your canning skills!!