Monday, July 21, 2014

How I Met Your Mother

Every summer, Brian and I pick a tv series to watch from the beginning.  Most of the shows are still on air, so we get caught up.  We’d heard so much about the show, How I Met Your Mother, but had never watched an episode.  I wanted to watch it just to see.  Brian wasn’t thrilled but reluctantly agreed.  We are so glad we did because it is probably one of the best, if not the best, shows we’ve watched together!  We loved it and watched all 9 seasons from start to finish.  We started in May and watched the last episode on Friday night.  We even drank a glass of wine to celebrate it and I, of course, shed a few tears during the finale.  I guess the finale had mixed reviews, but I loved it.  I loved how the show always cycled back.  Now, we have a year to decide what we will watch next summer!


Holly said...

I love HIMYM! Although, I will admit I haven't seen all of it. I'm still watching season 8 on Netflix when I get a chance. However, nothing will ever top Friends in my book. That is my all-time favorite show and tv has not been the same since.

Kelly said...

We got rid of cable in May and only have Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime(we already had this anyway). So we love to find new series to watch!! I've never watched HIMYM. Maybe we will have to watch that soon!! Thanks for the recommedation:)