Monday, July 21, 2014

St. Theresa Summer Social

Every year, we try to visit the St. Theresa Summer Social because I went to school there and my mom still goes to church there.  This year, we had beautiful weather and lots of fun.  We ate, the kids rode rides, and we took our chance on the Luck of the Draw and cake wheel.  We didn’t win a cake, but the kids got a beanie baby animal just for playing.  Grandpa was kind enough to get the kids bracelets this year, and they were able to ride 10 rides!  They had so much fun and Lilah loved the bounce house!  Gavin liked the “fish ride” and Macie liked a ride that spun them around.  We didn’t play games since we spent so much time riding rides.  We did, however, pick up a few sweet treats on the way out!


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