Sunday, August 24, 2014

Planter Boxes

Another thing Brian has been wanting is planter boxes, so today he built two for our back yard.  Now that we’ve been working so hard on the yard, I want it to be better organized.   I was so proud of him for doing it all himself.  He isn’t very confident making things, so this is a huge accomplishment for him.  He researched it all, got dirt at a great price, and made both of them for a total of $100.  He even let the kids help him and Gavin worked right by his side the whole time.  They look great along the back fence and we are considering planting a few things this fall instead of waiting until spring.




Baby Gown or Swimsuit Cover Up?

One of the kids’ dolls was wearing this baby gown and Macie put it on as a swimsuit cover up whey they were playing yesterday.  It cracked me up!


Child Labor ~ Corn

Yesterday we found ears of corn for 10cents each.  We stocked up and ended up with 86 ears of corn including what we got at the farm.  Brian got to work and the kids helped to shuck them.  We were able to freeze 9 bags of corn off of the cob and 4 bags of niblets, plus we gave the chickens a corn treat.  We love stocking up when we find rock bottom prices!


Sturgis Fun

After Dylan’s party, we headed to Sturgis for dinner.  Aunt Katie, Aunt Beth, Parker, Wesley, and Lib were there.  I love letting the kids play together.  Aunt Katie also told the kids that she is going to have a baby this spring!  Our family keeps growing and I love it!


Happy Birthday, Dylan!

On Saturday, August 16th, we went to Dylan’s birthday party.  He had a great party.  Uncle Gary took them on a bug hunt, they made fruit faces, ate hotdogs, and had milkshakes and marshmallows for dessert. The kids were filthy when we left.  As soon as we got into the car, Gavin said, “Oh my God, that was fun!”

During the bug hunt, they found a few frogs.  Gavin  had one in his container, but let it go so that Hannah could have one.  Love that sweet boy!


Preschool Art


Marvin the Monkey and monster…I was pretty impressed with Gavin’s drawing!


Otters Game with Annunciation Parish

Friday, August 15th, we went to the Otters’ game with members of Annunciation Parish.  We had dinner, got Otter’s pops, balloons, and visited with friends.  The kids were a little wound up and Macie said she was “slap happy”!  We left during the 7th inning.  It was a lot of fun and we look forward to doing it again!