Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Bye, Jungle! Hello, Fence!

Ever since we bought the house, we’ve wanted to replace the fence and clean out the “jungle” in our back yard.  We tried ourselves several times, but were never able to do it and thought about paying someone, but the money wasn’t available.  Over 8 years later, we are finally in a place where we could do it, so we bit the bullet.  We called Supercutz and they did an amazing job.  They came on Wednesday and when I came home I about died!  Our yard was double the size.  They finished up the work on Thursday and our yard looked HUGE!  Thursday, we were surprised to get a call from Backyard Fences and Decks to tell us they had an opening and could do our fence the next day.  We were anticipating waiting 2-4 weeks!  We came home Friday and it was all done.  3 days….all done!  Something we had wanted for 8 years…holy cow!  It’s taken some getting used to, but we LOVE it!!!



Day 1:




Day 2:


Day 3:


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Kelly said...

Looks great!! WE built a fence a couple of years ago and I'm so glad we have it!! We used to have people walk through our backyard(pre-fence) and it was kind of freaky at night!!