Monday, September 1, 2014

ER Trip

Lilah gave us quite the scare last week.  She was using the restroom and decided to wash her hands without help.  She stood on the toilet and her hands were covered in soap, so when she tried to put them on the sink, they slid off.  This caused her to dive off HEAD first onto the tile floor.  She started screaming and when Brian got in there we decided to take her to the ER.  She had a bump on her head bigger than I’ve ever seen on a small child.  It was so shocking, the people at the ER were even taken aback.  I left right away and then my mom came to stay with the other kids so Brian could join me. 

Macie was beyond hysterical!  She saw Lilah’s head and was so upset that we were taking her to the hospital.  I felt sorry for her, but couldn’t focus on that.  At first Lilah seemd out of it, but started acting more herself.  The doctor checked her out and said she looked find, but wanted to do a ct scan to be sure.  I was glad to have Brian with me.  We were each able to stand on one side of her and help her calm down.  She finally did when we told her Gavin had done that before.

Thankfully, everything checked out fine and we were able to go home.  That child is going to give us a run for our money!


Ironically, Grandma made her a Doc Stuffins costume earlier in the week!


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