Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Macie!

Monday, October 13th was Macie’s 6th Birthday.  She woke up raring to go.  Once she was dressed for school, we gave her a card from Grammie and Pops that had 6 dollars in it.  She also got the gift from us.  We didn’t wrap it, so we had her turn around.  She was thrilled to see the Elsa doll that she wanted!  She got many well wishes and phone calls in the morning.  She even texted Aunt Beth a picture of her new doll!

At school, she got to be on Cougar Broadcasting, eat lunch with me  in the cafeteria, bring in treats for her class, and share with the class some special things about her birthday.  After school, we hung out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house until dinner.



New Toys

As soon as Macie got home on Sunday, she was dying to open everything and do it.  Daddy helped her put together her Lego set and I helped her make something in her Easy Bake Oven.  She tried on her new camis from Aunt Beth and necklaces from Hannah and Paige. 


Robert Irvine Live

As soon as the party was over, Aunt Katie and Grammie took the kids back to Sturgis with them.  Macie was allowed to take one of her new toys with her and she picked her new doll from Grammie (that she named Lilly). 

Brian and I went home to unload and then went on a date.  We hadn’t been on a date in a long time.  Brian actually set up two dates for us this month.  He got us tickets to see Robert Irvine Live and he set up the babysitter.  What more could a girl want?

We ate dinner at Red Lobster and then headed to the show.  It was a really fun show.  We had pretty good seats.  It was a totally different experience and I’m glad I was able to do it with Brian.  After the show, Robert took pictures with everyone and signed autographs.  They posted them for free on his website which I thought was really nice.  We had him sign our ticket.  We also had his wife sign our other ticket for our friends’ son, Ryland.  He is a huge wrestling fan and she is a pro wrestler.



Macie’s 6th Birthday Dance Party

This year for Macie’s party, we invited immediate family, her class, daisy troop, and cousins that were her age.  She wanted a dance party and that is what we did.  I was able to have it at the meeting room at school which was really nice and easy.  Macie went shopping with me the day before to pick out all of the party supplies.  I even let her get a glow wand just for the birthday girl.

Macie greeted everyone at the door like the perfect hostess!  The kids sang happy birthday to her in microphone cupcakes, danced, got glow bracelets and fingers, pulled strings in the piƱata, and had a good time!  In the pinata, the kids each got baggies with candy bracelets, rings, and lipstick.  The music was kind of a mess, but we made it work. 

Macie picked snacks of cheddar chex mix, cheese curls, bugles, cupcakes, blue raspberry cookies, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  She also picked some punch out.  She was blessed with many great gifts.  At the end of the party, Brian asked what he could do to help and I told him to take all of the kids to the playground!

This was her first “friend” party and it was a little hectic.  Macie gets on an emotional high and kind of gets overwhelmed.  Over all, I would say it was a success.  I had a happy girl and that is what matters most.  I just can’t believe she is 6!


Josie, Summer, Sarah, Reagan, Sydny, Hannah, Kaila, Gavin, Parker, Lilly, Henry, Macie, Wesley, Lilah, Paige (Andre)

Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled my little girl!