Sunday, October 5, 2014

EVSC Arena Eval and Ct Scan Take 2

On Thursday morning, I took Gavin to Culver for the rest of his evaluation.  It took 2 hours and he met with a physical therapist, speech therapist, and psychologist.  He was so good for them and had so much fun.  He even came to show me he was riding a bike!  They all told me what a delightful young man I had and how smart he was.  None of them thought he would qualify for an IEP because he is off the charts cognitively and with is vocabulary.  They were all leaning more towards a 504 and that is what I thought too.  They will all compile reports and we will have a conference to see what happens.  Should be interesting!

After that, we met Brian at my parents house and headed straight to Riley.  Brian had lunch for us and we rushed there.  We made it barely in time.  Erv was so awesome.  He gave Gavin a big hug and then told us he had a dream team ready.  They were so good with Gavin and thankfully got in the IV in on the first try.  Gavin was so well behaved.  We had him drink a ton of water on the way and it paid off!  I was sitting right outside praying like crazy and I was so relieved when I heard them all cheer.  The scan took no time at all and we were on our way.  They gave him a toy and we let Gavin pick out a whole bag of candy from the gift shop for being so brave.

The drive home was a bit crazy.  We ran into a lot of storms and traffic.  We stopped to eat mexican food in Terre Haute to get a break from the rain.  Next up…surgery Monday!


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