Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fest Food

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Fall Festival? It is one of my favorite weeks of the year!  We were able to go down twice to eat.  We made Gavin and Lilah each ride in a stroller to help us keep track and so Gavin wouldn’t wear his leg out. Thursday after school, we picked up Macie and surprised the kids by heading down there to eat.  It wasn’t too crowded yet and we all shared some food.  The kids wanted a corn dog and then snacked on whatever we put in front of them.  I had to get my veggie haystack and fried pickles.  We tried a deep fried reese cup and oatmeal crème pie.  The oatmeal crème pie was amazing! 

Friday for lunch, we went despite the nasty weather.  This time the kids at pronto pups and they said they liked them the best!  We snacked and shared again and then headed to my parents house to see Annie, Charles, and Andre.  Good bye Fall Festival…until next year!


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