Sunday, October 5, 2014

Homework, Reading, Cailou, and More

Every Monday, Macie has some homework.  She has two nights to do it and we usually do a bit each night.  She does pretty well, but one week forgot to get it out of her folder and had to do it twice!  Hopefully, she won’t do that again!

Gavin is reading!!!! He has been wanting me to teach him.  He picked up the first two Clifford books in no time.  He couldn’t wait to read them to Daddy and Grandma the next day.  Mrs. Thomas even let him borrow a book from school that he could read. 

Lilah has  been obsessed with Cailou lately.  We got Netflix and it has been such a blessing.  She also loves to watch Buzzbee on The Hive.


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