Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dear Gavin

Dear Gavin,
My sweet are you 5?  You've been through more in your five years than most people go through in a life time.  You are so brave and strong when it comes to all of your doctor visits.  Your cognitive skills are off the charts and everyone is always impressed with how smart and sweet you are.  You have the best giggle, sparkling eyes, and people are drawn in to you everywhere we go.  You have a very stubborn side and want to do things the way you have pictured them in your head.  You have a bunch of new tools that you love to put to use and figure things out.  You love all things "boy", super heroes, tools, being outside.  You are a great eater and rarely do I put anything on your plate that you don't like.  You are my most independent child and will adapt and make things work.  You still love frogs and snakes and have made quite the collection of stuffed animals to sleep with.  You snuggle a little bit more now and Mommy loves that!  I'm honored to be on this journey with you and look forward to see God's plans for you!
Always are smart, handsome, kind, and important.  I love you to the moon and back!


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