Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's Offical...

Two weeks ago, I resigned from my job.  This is not something I EVER thought I would do.  I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.  I LOVE my job, I LOVE my school, I LOVE my staff and students.  But, I LOVE my FAMILY more!

It was just getting to be too much.  I wasn't able to be my best self anywhere.  Gavin's medical needs continue to increase and I just need more flexibility.  We've also made the decision to HOME SCHOOL the kids next year.  Once again, this is not something I ever pictured for myself and was actually negative about it in the past.  I've learned a lot and changed a lot and am super excited about this new adventure.  I still plan to finish out the school year in April and May and then I will be done.  

Finally, last Monday, we put the house on the market.  We had a great crew of family come to help us get it ready and it looks amazing!  We had a contingent offer on another home, but it didn't work out.  The good thing is, it takes the pressure off and now we can just worry about selling our home and finding the perfect one for us.  

Lots of CHANGES, lots of MADNESS, lots of LOVE!

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