Friday, March 6, 2015

Mom's Store

The kids and I were goofing off and giggling like crazy in my room.  All of a sudden, Lilah lays down on the bed with her tongue out and this is the conversation we had:

Lilah: I'm dead
Me: I don't want you to die, I would be sad.
Lilah: The doctors would fix me.
Me: Honey if you die, the doctors can't fix you.
Lilah: Then I would go to heaven to be with God....I would cry if you died.  I wouldn't have a dad, I mean a mom.  But, we could buy a new mom.
Me: Where do you go buy a new mom?
Lilah: At the mom's store!
Me: What kind of mom would you buy?
Lilah: Like another Abbie, you would like make food

Glad to know my child is already thinking about upgrading to a newer and improved model!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

90 Day Challenge

Brian and I have decided to take on a 90 day challenge.  We both had lost a lot of weight, but due to stress, life circumstances, and laziness, we've gained some of it back.  In a few short months we are going to Disney world and I know that is quite a work out, especially with three little ones!

Here is what we decided:

We are hoping this will help our whole family get back on track and ready for spring and summer!!