Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OK...For Real This Time!

So I've taken a long enough hiatus from the blog and it's time to return!  So much has happened and it's hard to believe that 2015 is half way over!  I seriously think this has been our craziest year yet!  I hope to go back and add all of the pictures I've taken the last 8 months, but I'm not going to stress myself out about it all.  I'm going to do a recap of some major events and then plan to start fresh with posts about our NEW HOUSE and our trip to DISNEY!
Here are some of the big things that have been keeping us so busy...
  • As I mentioned before, I took a leave at the beginning of January and planned to return after Spring break.  That lasted about 3 hours and then I was officially a stay at home mom...a title I never thought I would have.  I love it, but am still adjusting to it.
  • We became foster parents at the beginning of the year with the hopes of taking in two little boys into our family.  We flew through the process in a record three weeks, but unfortunately things didn't work out.  We've had other children we've been interested in and have fostered for short periods, but it is too emotionally draining for us at this time.  The biggest lesson we've learned is that bio parents and treated like gold and foster parents and treated like garbage.  Despite the emails and round the clock phone calls, we are taking a break from this to pray about it and decide what is best for our family.  We are still open to adding the right fit to our family, but are in no way desperate to add anything else to our plate right now!
  • Gavin's health concerns continue to increase.  He now has 31 coils in his leg and has had several procedures already this year.  His right eye is starting to turn in and he has been complaining about seeing double.  We have an appointment with a new eye doc in August.  His next procedure is on July 22nd and he will have more coils put in, another gi scope/injection and tissue testing.  They think he has more than just KTS and they also want to do full genetic testing.  He is starting a new pain medicine and we are still trying to get him into a psychologist since the one we had him set up with for today doesn't take his version of Medicaid....seriously!?! He is lashing out some and I want to get a handle on it!
  • We put our house up for sale in early February and it sold two months later.  It seemed like a LONG two months keeping the house pristine and ready for showings.  We ended up finding our dream home, despite the fact that we didn't want to look at it based on the pictures online.  I've been working my behind off getting this house in great shape and tackling the massive yard projects.  I can't want to blog pictures.  I seriously LOVE this house and plan to not move again!
  • We went to Disney World a few weeks ago and had an awesome time.  We were bummed that my parents couldn't go with us, but my dad's health was more important.  We are already planning our next trip in 2018!
  • We've been working on expanding our farm.  In addition to our 6 chickens, we now have 26 chicks, two ducklings, 4 rabbits, and a koi pond with fish and frogs.  One of Gavin's fire belly toads died right after we moved and the other one isn't looking so good, so time will tell.
  • Macie played soccer and both Macie and Gavin played t-ball in the spring.  They both did great and it was so much fun to see how much they progressed throughout the season.
As you can see....there has been a lot of madness around here!  We are finally settling in and I am preparing to start school at the end of this month.  Holy Cow...I better get on it!  Stay tuned for pictures of our new home:)

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