Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I realized that I've never blogged about our newest family member...Bentley!  Gavin has been wanting a dog for a long time.  We held off until after the move and weren't sure what type of dog to get....big or small, puppy or older, new or rescue?  We settled on a smaller dog so Gavin could easily handle it and a puppy so the girls wouldn't be quite as freaked out.  We found a guy selling puppies and Gavin agreed to spend his own money on it.  He talked the guy down to $15 since he was paying for it himself.  Gavin picked him out, named him, bought the leash, collar, and dog toys.  We agreed to pay for food and vet bills.  He has done a pretty good job taking care of him.  He is awfully cute, but his is a puppy...aka a newborn that is mobile and doesn't have diapers!
He currently stays in a crate in the laundry room and isn't allowed upstairs.  When we build Gavin's room downstairs, he will be in his room.  The girls have come a long way with Bentley and Lilah is better than Macie, but as you can see below, she will hold him sometimes!

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