Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home Tour ~ Bathrooms and Hallways

I was really excited that this house had a full bath on both levels.  That makes a huge difference and when we are old and decrepit, it will really come in handy!

Upstairs Bath: This little room had a LOT of work done to it.  My sweet aunts spent hours removing the wall paper on one wall, we replaced the light fixture that was literally exploding, and painted the room.  I love the color and how it turned out!

 Upstairs Hall
 Downstairs Hallway: My favorite wall in the whole house!

 Downstairs Bathroom: I haven't really touched this room.  I wanted to paint it the same brown as upstairs, and still might, but haven't gotten there yet.  The paint isn't too bad.  I like that the toilet and shower are separate from the sink and closet because it makes the space more functional.  The weird thing is, they took the mirror!  Eventually, we will put one up.

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