Monday, August 3, 2015

Meal Plan

In an effort to simplify and streamline my life, as well as make the kids more independent, I've come up with a new meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  I wrote out a chart that hangs on the side of the fridge and tells the kids what they need to make a "Happy Meal" for breakfast and lunch.  I've pre-portioned snacks, cereals, and lunch items.  Breakfast and snack items are in a bowl and basket in the cabinet.  Lunch stuff is already in a bag for each kid in the fridge.  Then, they are able to pick one thing from each category.  Overall, they will end up with the same stuff, just maybe not on the same day.  Today was the first day and it has been a total success!  They are so thrilled to pick their own stuff and by doing the work ahead of time, it makes my day so much less stressful and chaotic. 

Meal Plan Chart

 Picking stuff from Lunch bags in fridge

 Blue Snack Bowl and Green Breakfast Basket

Nice picnic lunch in the shade on our deck!

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