Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gavin Night

Brian's friend, Brandon, and his church had a night that was all about Gavin.  Every Wednesday they have a youth night with 70 plus teens ages 12-17.  On September 9th, they all dressed up as super heroes and made the night about Gavin.  The kids got tons of goodies and Gavin got bags and bags of stuff he can do during Riley trips or after surgeries.  They also surprised us with some devotionals, gift cards, and a little bit of money for our trips.  They had face painting, a service where they prayed over Gavin, and he even got to play the drums.  He was a celebrity with his own VIP lounge and everyone wanted pictures with him.  He was in awe and overwhelmed.  Brian and I were beyond humbled and emotional.  I was so anxious about going but God knew that we needed to uplifted by these strangers and it was amazing.  We are so grateful that he continues to bless us in ways we could never imagine!

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