Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exciting Things Happening Among the Madness

As always, Mitchell Madness is in full swing!  Despite the Madness that has become "our normal", we have some exciting things happening!

Gavin Updates: Thanks to the Go Fund Me page, private donations, and persistence of Dr. Haggstrom, we were able to do the tissue removal and blood work for Gavin's genetic testing on December 18th.  We expect to hear results late in February.  We are also getting a much needed break from procedures which is HUGE!  We went last week and got him fitted for a wheelchair and he is beyond excited!  We should get his in three months and he was able to pick the color red for the frame.  The wheelchair will be collapsible and expandable.  It's main purpose will be to replace strollers that he is getting too big for.  We don't have any appointments until the end of February and then we pick back up again.  Who knew a month would be a LONG break for us!

Macie Testing: We are finally on the right track to get some answers about Macie's behavior and anxiety.  I have all paperwork turned in so that Dr. Bowersox (Gavin's psychologist) can test Macie for us and then she will start sessions with Dr. Below in June.  We hate to wait, but we know that this is the best place for her to be.  I have great faith that we will get answers for her and get her on the right path in 2016!!

Lilah's Gymnastics: I've been wanting to get Lilah involved in something for a while and she has been asking about doing gymnastics.  We are finally biting the bullet and she is going for a trial class next week at Revolution gymnastics.  I know several people who take their kids there and I've heard good things, so fingers crossed!

Book Club: This year, I have already read 9 books!  I'd hoped to read 10 in the 101 in 1001 challenge and I am more than going to exceed it.  I've been wanting to get back into reading and I am finally doing it.  I also joined a book club that my friend, Rachel, started last year.  My first meeting will be in February and I've already read the book for it. I'm excited to start something new for myself! Right now, I am working my way through the Nicholas Sparks books as well as a few books that I read every day.  I wonder how many books I'll have read by the end of the year?

Poker Night: Brian started a poker night with our neighbor, Chad.  They each invited a few friends and decided to do it once a month alternating between the two houses.  Brian hosted the first one this month and I think he is also happy to have an outlet once a month. 

BAM Creations: Brian and I are starting a new business.  I plan to blog a lot more about it, but our goal is it start small and pay for the equipment first and then hope to add a little income to our budget each month.  Right now, we are focused on selling Rtic tumblers (similar to Yeti but cheaper) with personalization.  We are teaching the kids every step of the way and I love it when we include life skills into their curriculum.  I am excited about the possibilities and what this could mean for my family! 

EGGS!: We are finally getting an abundance of eggs each day!  If you are needing eggs, we sell them for $2 a dozen to cover food costs.  Let me know and we will be happy to supply them for you!

Tech Free Tuesdays: Starting next week, we are going to have "Tech Free Tuesdays" in our home.   That means no tablets, tvs, computers or phones will be on.  Brian obviously has to work, but once he is home, he is gong to participate.  This is something I've wanted to do for a long a time and am finally making it happen.  I've read so much about how technology overtakes our lives and little developing brains, that I figure we can do one day with out each week.  I'm sure there will be an adjustment period, so wish me luck!

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