Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How'd I Do?: March

How'd I do in March?  I survived it!  It was a tough month to say the least and we have more going on around here that is beyond my control.  So the name of the game around here is, SURVIVAL!

I did, however, update Gavin's appointment list for the year and added his Dr. Bowersox appointments.

1/6 - Dr. Bowersox
1/14 -Wheelchair Fitting (Riley)
1/20 - Dr. Bowersox
2/3 - Dr. Bowersox
2/17 - Dr. Bowersox
2/22 - Dr. Walsh (Riley)
2/23 - Dr. Hon (Riley)
2/29 - Dr. Neely (Riley)
3/7 - Vascular Lesion Clinic (Riley)
3/21 - Dr. Bowersox
3/28 - PT, Dr. Neely, Dr. Loder (Riley)

I'd love to say that April will be so much better and that I'll accomplish a lot of my intentions, but that is no my reality right now.  Some of it, I'll be sharing here on my blog.  All I can say for now, is that prayers for my family would be greatly appreciated!

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