Friday, June 24, 2016


Tonight, we were able to get all of this...
for $1.24!!  That's right, we got a 12" pineapple pizza and a 12" Stromboli from Big M's, as well as an 8oz Chicken Pot Pie Soup and French loaf bread from Zoup.  How did we do it?  Well, we had gotten a Groupon for Big M's for $20 that we only paid $1 for.  After ordering the two things, we owed .24cents.  The soup and bread was free with a coupon we had from our realtor.  I put a little fruit on the side and we had dinner!  Good news is, we still have half a pizza left for lunch tomorrow!

I've also been cleaning out things and have found several partial gift cards, a roll of quarters, free putt putt coupons, Chucke Cheese tokens, and even a full $20 gift card to Showplace.  Right now, we literally have no income, so we are trying to be creative and find fun things to do without spending any money or as little as possible!  It's actually a fun challenge and makes me feel good to create more memories on less!

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