Saturday, June 11, 2016

Colts Vs Broncos

Thanks to Miss Whitney, Riley Hospital called and invited our family to go to the Colts/Broncos Game.  To say we were excited would be an understatement.  We were already going to be in Indy that weekend and so we asked my cousin, Andrea, if we could stay the night.  She was kind enough to allow us.  We had to be at the game 4 hours before it started.  I was nervous about that with the three kids but it was the best experience. 
We were able to see Peyton Manning up close as he was loading onto his bus (and Macie was standing right next to him even though she had no clue). We also got to meet cheerleaders, go down on the field for pictures, got free tickets and $10 each to spend in concessions, got a bag full of goodies, and were able to go to the tailgate party.  The kids did such a good job and it helped that we were entertained for so long.  Lilah slept through part of the game and Macie got a little bored, but the booklets they gave the kids came in handy.
My ONLY complaint is that we had to walk up some really steep stairs to get to row 22.  With three little kids, one of which has a physical disability, this is not a good idea.  Gavin's legs gave out once we got to the top.  There was another child with cancer and his parents had a heck of a time getting him up there.  Like I said, Andrew Luck says give so many tickets to Riley patients and they are just put somewhere, but this needs to be taken into consideration.
Our kids were a hit everywhere and when I looked around I realized I didn't see any other families with three kids as small as ours.  We wouldn't have taken them had we not gotten the free tickets.  Leaving the game was the scariest part.  I held Lilah and Brian held on to the other two with a death grip.  There were thousands of people leaving and most were intoxicated.  Thankfully, some guys noticed we had small kids and made a path for us to get out safely.  This is an experience we will never forget as a family and the kids still talk about it!

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