Friday, June 10, 2016

December 2015 ~ Part 2

Christmas Lights and Santa's Workshop at 4H:

 Breakfast with Santa: Happy Birthday Hannah and Paige!

 Ice Skating in Sturgis:

 Sisters, Sisters:

 Date Night at Home:
So Cute:
 Service Project: The kids and I did a service project collecting chapstick tubes and stickers to donate to Miss Whitney at Riley.  These are used to decorate the masks that help Gavin and other kiddos fall asleep.  We had a goal of 100 tubes of chapstick and we collected over 200 and thousands of stickers.  Miss Whitney was so excited she got tears in her eyes.  She said it was the biggest donation they'd ever received!

 Lilah and Walker...Future Mr. and Mrs.:
 Big Time Helper!:

 Tablet Time while waiting for surgery:

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